Search and remove unwanted tweets from your timeline

Browse your timeline with ease

Scroll through the last 3,200 tweets from your timeline (The Twitter API imposes this restriction). Alternatively, import your Twitter archive to view all of your tweets.

Always stay up to date with pull-to-refresh

Pull down while on the timeline view screen to refresh and view your latest tweets.

Delete in bulk

Tap and hold any tweet to select it. Select as many tweets as you wish. Then tap the multi-delete button to delete them all at once.

Swipe away

You can delete tweets individually by just swiping to the right

Search and Delete

Use the search feature to find unwanted tweets and swipe to delete them. Or you can long press the tweet for bulk delete.

View the tweet in the Twitter app or site

Tap on a tweet to open the detailed view, then tap on the text to open the corresponding tweet in the Twitter mobile app or site.

Made by Chris